Get the Skills to Land A Dream Job in Digital Marketing & Social Media 



Digital Marketing Careers are Ranked #3 by Forbes Magazine's Top 10 Jobs.

Are you creative, dynamic, and tech-saavy?  Inteview for Our Digital Marketing Career Success Program Today.

We are now interviewing passionate + talented candidates for a limited number of available openings for our digital marketing training program.

With companies scrambling to keep up with the Social Media Marketing boom, jobs in Digital Marketing and Social Media are EXPLODING.  Now is the time to get the training you need to become a future leader in the field.


Not everyone has the unique traits needed by the Digital Marketing Professional of the Future. But if you are one of the lucky few who posess the creativity to generate original content, the discipline to understand the systems that organizations use to track their progress, and the think-outside-the-box adaptibility to sidestep convention and provide engaging solutions...congratulations.


What kind of training will I receive in Digital Marketing/Social Media?

  • Learn how to generate state of the art marketing materials.
  • Learn the design and video production skills that will put you ahead of the pack.
  • Train on Cutting-Edge Content Management software that will allow you to land the best gigs with companies starved for creative digital marketing experts.
  • Become an expert on all the hottest social media platforms while studying in our top-notch facilities in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, or Grand Rapids.

What to expect in your interview:

  1. An introduction to what it takes to be successful in the world of digital marketing: do you have what it takes to succeed?
  2. A tour of our state-of-the art facilities where you'll perfect your skills.
  3. The Interview will take approximately one hour. We want people who WANT to launch a successful career in one of the hottest industries around.

No Money for Training? No Problem!

  • No out-of pocket money required.
  • Your credit history does NOT matter.
  • Educational grants are available for those who qualify.
Interview Location
Brensten Education Campus
20633 Watertown Court
Waukesha, WI 53186
by Goerkes Corners, Brookfield, by Bluemound & Barker Rds.
Take I-94 West to Hwy 18 exit  Click for Directions